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One could describe Felicity as a mixed media cauldron of bubbling ideas that she unleashes onto her unsuspecting surroundings. Her passions take her from creating unique one of a kind clothing, quilts, hooked rugs and fiber arts. She paints in acrylics, watercolours, inks, pastels and coloured pencil. Nothing is immune from her brush, not wood, walls, cloth or even her husband Bob who says you want to do what.

Interest in the Arts came early as her Mom, a tailor, created patterns and one of a kind couture and her grandfather was an oil painter. Her art journey gives up many surprises and delights. She is thankful, grateful and appreciative to all her wonderful teachers and mentors met along the way. For they, without a doubt have left pieces in her art. She is currently trying en Plein air and experimenting with combining acrylics, watercolour, and cloth. Although she has tried to limit herself to one or two artistic outlets, she needs all of these to feel complete.

As a professional teacher, her passions for the Arts spilled over into her classroom and programs.She is a staunch admirer of Robert Bateman for not just his Art but also for using his Art in the passionate advocacy of children in nature. As an elementary teacher, Felicity understands the necessity that the child of to-day needs to re-connect with the woods, the earthworm, and the tree to survive.

She ultimately believes that surrounding ourselves with the Arts is a good beginning for children and indeed for all of us to reconnect to the treasure within. She believes the key is not what or how to create but that you do.

Contact Information:

Felicity Berti

Phone: 519 307-1039

Email:  robertberti21@gmail.com