"Brother's Brook" Painting Acrylic on canvas

Kelsey VandenHoek

Kelsey VandenHoek is an Orangeville local, having lived here since she was 8 years old. She specializes in acrylic landscapes, or as she likes to call them, Naturalistic Reveries.

She has always loved nature but is relatively new to painting. She originally trained as, and was, a professional chef for years, before an ongoing battle with an autoimmune disease forced her to give up that dream and she turned to painting as an outlet for her creativity. Within a 3 year span, in the midst of her new diagnosis and leaving behind her career, she got married, bought a house and had two kids.

She only began painting in June of 2017 and quickly discovered her ability to discern colours and textures in the views she sees out the window. With a husband who is a chef and two small children to raise she’s a very busy woman but she still finds the time for the art she loves, and is passing that love to the next generation as her daughters love to paint alongside her.

Featured above:  “Brother’s Brook” – Acrylic on Canvas

Contact Information

For commissioned works, please email:  kelseyvandenhoek@hotmail.com

Phone:  (519) 278-0210

Email:  kelseyvandenhoek@hotmail.com

Instagram: instagram.com/chesh_vdhoek_art