A Road Map for the Future

Where do you see the OAG heading in 2019?

1. Steering Committee and Social:

When?    Sunday 24 February from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.
Where?  Mill Street branch of the Orangeville Public Library.  The Boardroom is downstairs at the library beyond the large meeting room.

You are welcome to an informal discussion about how the OAG will evolve in 2019.  Come and help us plan. Currently the OAG has a successful display rotation at the hospital, a vibrant social media presence, workshops on a monthly basis, and… we held a show at the Lord Dufferin Centre in 2018.  We have several offers of venues for our Fall show and for new displays.  In order to move ahead, we need your ideas, input and, above all – your energy.

Refreshments will be served. A contribution of a snack would be appreciated.

2. The Annual General Meeting:

When?     The AGM will be held on Sunday 24th March from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.
Where?   In the Main Meeting Room downstairs at the Orangeville Public Library

All members in good standing are welcome to attend. The meeting will include a report on the status of OAG to date, and a discussion on the future of OAG. There will an election of new members to the Board. We look forward to welcoming new members to the Board and to committees.
Notice of motions to be presented at the AGM must be sent to the Secretary in writing (e-mail to Warren, wgalloway@rogers.com) no later than 28 February. Voting at the AGM will be restricted to members as of 28 February 2019, and who are present at the meeting.

Refreshments will be served. A contribution of a snack would be appreciated.