Oil on canvas by Sophie Vertigan

Sophie Vertigan moved to Canada after completing her Fine Arts BA Hons in Sculpture at Lanchester University in the UK.

Sophie enjoys a successful career as a Special Effects Co-Ordinator in the Film and Television industry in Toronto, one of only a handful of women in North America.

Three years ago, after moving back to Orangeville, Sophie felt the call to reignite her love of painting. In doing so she has chosen to show / express the path of her life on an emotional plane. She draws on the elements in her childhood that formed who she is, as well as with her current journey of analyzing, understanding and strengthening her psyche.

Sophie’s pieces showcase these ups and downs of her life and emotions. They are boldly expressive and never afraid to express the dark parts of her psyche.

“ without dark there is no light“

Sophie has found that acknowledging these parts of herself and honouring them in a painting is very cathartic. She feels that if we ignore these elements of our psyches then we are not able to truly be a whole person and believes that suppressing this part of our being can a detrimental to our true self .

It takes strength to go against the grain of a society that promotes the perceptions that everything is ‘great‘, ‘nice‘, ‘fine’, and that depression and sadness are culturally taboo.

Each of Sophie’s paintings create a powerful and tangible piece of those emotions, categorizing and acknowledging them, thus giving them a ‘home’ on canvas. This enables Sophie to no longer carry them inside her, and to evolve her being.

Featured Above: “pieces of me” ~ oil on canvas

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*Sophie Vertigan*

Email: Slvertigan@gmail.com