Nunavut Clouds - Oil Painting - Warren Galloway

Warren Galloway grew up in New Zealand amongst its wonderful landscapes and so he has always enjoyed the hills, contours and patterns of landscape. After a professional career which included photography, his interests turned to painting. He has attended many workshops and courses. His experience as a photographer of landscapes and other aspects of nature has been a good background for the oil paintings that he now does. While many paintings originate from his own photographs, others come from memories or they just evolve. Getting the unexpected or unplanned is part of the fun. He seeks to convey impressions of places, to show light, rhythm and his feelings, and the use of a palette knife allows him the artistic freedom to do so. The result is a range of impressionistic landscape paintings. Relax and enjoy them.

Featured here is his oil painting titled “Nunavut Clouds”

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Warren Galloway

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