“Becoming”​ Design Concepts

The concept of ​Becoming i​s all about the conversation that we must have with ourselves. We work hard taking care of the outside, but what about the inside? ​Becoming ​was created with many layers, just like all people. This design demonstrates my engagement and expression about becoming beautiful on the inside, involving body, mind and spirit.

If this work poses some questions to the viewer it has achieved my intentions. How do we work on the inside of us? By consciously trying to be thoughtful, kind, helping others, demonstrating good citizenship, diversity and understanding and acceptance of all peoples.

On the canvas of ​Becoming​ I used vivid colours and layers of a variety of acrylic and oil paint to describe and develop the work. Liquid rills and fluid pools of colour have been added to create interesting lines, textures and marks, this makes ​Becoming​ the record of my interactions and dance in mixed media.

To participate in art one can create art, or appreciate it in many different ways! Beautifying our town with unique works promotes support and recognition for artists, and beautifies our world and keeps our town in the contemporary art scene!

It is my belief that analytical minds want to support the artistic minds to create a better world, one that is better understood and supported by Communities that can be encouraged to come together in art, to secure a solid basis of positive communication and wide engagement of all people to ensure our eco resources and longevity, with creative solutions, and compassion for world issues, which can promote produce good health and harmony of the human and natural world, all working together to secure a bright future!

Featured: “Becoming” a 16’x10′ mural commissioned by The Town of Orangeville to be installed September 2020 at the Alder St. Arena walking track