Design Concept for ​Dufferin Bovines

Dufferin Bovines i​s a contemporary acrylic painting depicting and celebrating our agricultural roots in Orangeville and Headwaters country, and our contemporary art scene.

This particular herd ​Dufferin Bovines​, demonstrated some animated components that inspired me, I was able to capture that in the painting. The herd was located a stone’s throw from our house. In Headwaters we do not have to go far for inspiration as it is so vast and beautiful. When I approached the herd it was funny, they started to look at me so I started to snap a few pictures. It was a great capture, and interaction, and I was very surprised how much like us they are! They have friends, they love the outdoors and get very excited to go outside after confinement (we can all relate to that because of covid -19). They are also colour blind to red and green colours.

As a local artist I teach and volunteer in our community. I visit Orangeville’s elementary schools through the artists in the schools program through Dufferin Arts Council to teach watercolour and mixed media. It would be an honour to have this work chosen to demonstrate our diverse culture and rural roots by adorning the utility box. Local students can follow local artist’s, and learn just like I did, mostly from community artists. I think this painting will interest the public and in turn protect against vandalism or tagging. I have a fire to inspire!

Orangeville, Shelburne, and Dufferin County not only have magnificent views, but we also have an unusual combination of town, country, and farms. It is an amazing landscape with a variety of subject matter, people included! This is a great way to embrace our rural roots, celebrate our heritage, and ecosystem, and good citizenship visually. As an artist, it is a unique journey, as one possesses a soulful eye for beauty and a yearning for connection and inspiration. It is this eye that compels artists to recognise and bring to the viewer’s attention to moments, locations and views that one may not have previously considered. It’s through painting that I can really express myself and demonstrate my connection and engagement with my surroundings, using the muse and magic of painting!

Featured: “Dufferin Bovines” a commission by the Town of Orangeville for a Town utility box cover  to be installed September 2020